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3 Questions With Young Mothers, Inc. on Supporting DMV Moms

Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Posted on November 18, 2022   |   Updated on June 18
Picture from the I Love You Makeover program by Young Mothers Inc. (Courtesy of Young Mothers, Inc.)

Picture from the I Love You Makeover program by Young Mothers Inc. (Courtesy of Young Mothers, Inc.)

We chatted with Kamille Bundy, the founder of Young Mothers, Inc., a non-profit that supports young moms in the DMV.

1. Why did you open Young Mothers, Inc. in D.C. specifically?
“As a young mom, I had a lot of challenges finding resources for myself in D.C., and I saw a lot of other young moms similarly struggling. So, I decided to start Young Mothers in 2011. Moms under 25 are often forced to pause their education and take minimum-wage jobs that make it hard to support a family and find the resources they need. Young Mothers provides emotional wellness tools, education, funding, and a space for young women to get together.”

2. Can you tell us about the "I Love You Makeover Program"?
"This program is about pamper young moms who don't have the funds to make time for themselves. We get makeup artists, DJs, and food, and make it a party. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for moms to share their stories and feel supported. Young moms don't get that a lot."

3. How can people get involved in or support Young Mothers, Inc.?
"Follow us on social media. We need volunteers to help with marketing and program support. We also always appreciate donations. Right now, we’re collecting money for the moms to use on Christmas gifts."

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