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What is City Cast DC?

City Cast DC is a daily news podcast and newsletter for Washingtonians both native and new, fresh each morning at 6 a.m. We bring you stories that dig into the city’s culture beyond Capitol Hill and dive deeper on the things that you and your neighbors actually talk about.

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Meet Our Hosts

Michael Schaffer was born in D.C., grew up in upper Northwest in the 1980s, and has spent his journalism career telling stories that matter to both DC transplants and natives like him. Right now, he writes a POLITICO Magazine column called Capital City, but he’s also spent years reporting on news and politics off the Hill, most notably as the editor-in-chief of Washington City Paper and Washingtonian. Mike always knows what’s up in DC. Follow him on Twitter so you can be in-the-know too.

Host Bridget Todd comes from a family of Washingtonians, and though she grew up outside the city, she’s been drawn back over and over again throughout her adult life. Bridget is a digital activist, the founder of her own creative studio called Unbossed Creative, and a podcast extraordinaire. She developed and hosts the show There Are No Girls On The Internet, about the overlooked ways marginalized voices are at the heart of technology. Her Twitter account is a great way to stay-up-to-date on D.C. news, activism, and internet absurdities.


Why launch City Cast in DC?

DC has a complicated and multi-faceted identity, and it’s about time someone collected the community’s many vibrant stories and personalities in one place. 

DC is the center of national politics, but it continues to fight for representation of its own. It’s a city that celebrates Black excellence, but also has one of the highest rates of Black displacement in the country. The region is full of devoted natives who call it home, but it’s also a hub for newcomers from across the country and around the world who want to learn about the DMV’s cuisine, music, and sometimes odd local politics. The city’s many contradictions have created an opinionated, engaged, and lively community, and City Cast DC is here to elevate all of your voices.

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