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Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Posted on October 3
Rasmussen sitting in flowers

Rasmussen living true to her Instagram name. (libbylivingcolorfully/Instagram)

We recently chatted with Washingtonian’s 2023 Style Setter Libby Rasmussen about what makes D.C.’s fashion scene special. Despite popular belief, our city is filled with local creatives influencing the fashion scene. Rasmussen told us a few Washingtonians she looks to for style inspo.

Ron David Edwards (@rondavidstudio):

Edwards is a fashion and interior designer with several shops within the DMV. His studios feature ​​runway-inspired collections that are curated and sourced from around the world.

Eugene Daniels (@eugenedaniels2):

Daniels is a White House correspondent, playbook author, and absolute fashion symbol. He is known for his bright pops of color, tailored suits, and outfits that play with gender norms.

Eugene Daniels’ outfit to the recent Beyonce concert.

Eugene Daniels’ outfit to the recent Beyonce concert. (eugenedaniels2/Instagram)

Dani Sauter (@blonde_inthedistrict):

Sauter runs an award-winning D.C. and Virginia life, style, and beauty blog dedicated to body positivity. Her style is maximalist, feminine, and full of glitter and prints.

Maximalist layers on Dani Sauter of Blond in the District. (blonde_inthedistrict/Instagram)

Maximalist layers on Dani Sauter of Blond in the District. (blonde_inthedistrict/Instagram)

Rajni Rao (@jungli_vintage):

Rao owns Jungli Vintage, a clothing pop-up where I’ve gotten more than a few items in my closet. She describes her own style as “vintage with a pinch of masala” and focuses her shop on outerwear, iconic sweaters, and suits.

Evan (svnthevan):

A viral Tiktoker and influencer, Evans focuses on classic comforts and a laidback luxury style that harkens back to old D.C. I live and die by his “get ready with me” videos.

A classic look from svnthevan. (svnthevan/instagram)

A classic look from svnthevan. (svnthevan/instagram)

Jason Barnes/Pussy Noir (@gracedrones):

Barnes is a drag performer, historian, and self-proclaimed fashion addict. His fits range from ball gowns to chain mail headpieces to fur tops.

If you want to learn about style and fashion in D.C., our podcast with Rasmussen is a great place to start!

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