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How to Prep Your Houseplants for Winter

Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Posted on October 3, 2022   |   Updated on July 7
Little Leaf on 14th St. knows how to treat their plants right. (@Kaela_CS/City Cast DC)

Little Leaf on 14th St. knows how to treat their plants right. (@Kaela_CS/City Cast DC)

Here are some basics, though you might need species-specific tips for pickier plants:

Manage your expectations: They’re getting less light, and – just like you – they’re doing their best. They won’t grow as much in the winter. However, if you do want to supplement their light — and some species need it — check out options for artificial lighting.

Don’t overwater:
In faster growth periods, plants need more water and nutrients. If they’re not going to use the water, it leads to root rot.

Stop fertilizing:
 They only need it when they’re growing, and too much can fry them to a crisp. Similarly, there is no need to repot plants in the winter. 

Keep them humid and warm:
Luckily D.C. weather will keep them humid for you, but you do want to keep your plants warm. Avoid drafty areas and window sills where they might get “shocked.” On the flip side, don't put them next to the heater either; that’s too hot. 

Inspired by Blake Hunter at our
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