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10 Local Lattes Better Than a PSL

Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Posted on October 4

Seasonal coffees at Ellington Park Bistro. Sesame Noir coffee in the back. (Photo by Vina Sananikone)

It’s Starbucks pumpkin spice latte season, but we can do better. Like soooo much better. Here are 10 seasonal local cuppa’s that AREN'T a Pumpkin Spice Latte to satisfy that cozy fall craving.

Lapis: Lablaboo Latte

This seasonal fall latte has a vibrant magenta color and flavors of taro and beetroot.

Elle: Autumn Spice Latte

A less sweet and more spicy version of a pumpkin spice latte is launching next week.

Ellington Park Bistro: Sesame Noir Latte

Black sesame puree, honey, vanilla, and steamed milk. The bistro’s new coffee menu also includes a caramel salé with sea salt and creme.

Tryst: Cereal Milk Latte

Oat milk, cinnamon syrup, and shortbread syrup. Tastes just like cinnamon toast crunch.

Commonwealth Joe: Brown Sugar Sage Latte

Sweet and earthy with a dash of nutmeg on top. They also have a spiced peanut butter latte and a cranberry chai.

Colada Shop: Camote con Leche

Espresso with camote dulce, piloncillo cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and steamed milk.

Lablaboo Latte from Lapis.

Lablaboo Latte from Lapis. (Photo by Nayab Jade)

Wydown: Cinnamon Oat Latte

Oat milk and house-made cinnamon syrup. They also have a classic pumpkin spice latte.

The Coffee Bar: Cardamom Latte

This has to be D.C.’s most raved-about seasonal coffee. Classic latte with a dust of cardamom spice.

A Baked Joint: Honey Pecan Milk

This house-made seasonal nut milk can be drunk on its own or with any of their coffee drinks.

Hiriya: Turon Latte

Luckily, this caramelized banana and brown sugar coffee is a permanent part of this new Filipino cafe’s menu. As are their ube and pandan lattes.

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