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4 Metro Updates You Need To Know

Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Posted on September 14
Metro car pulling into the station

Metro car pulling into the station. (kickstand/Getty Images)

D.C.’s got some of the big changes coming to local transit this fall. Here are the big four you need to know about:

Ⓜ️ New Metro Signage

Metro is considering adding numbers and letters to the system’s color-coded line names. But it’s starting with a smaller change: directional indicators like “West towards Virginia” on digital maps in stations to make navigation easier.

🚌 New Bus Design

Metro is also rolling out all door bus boarding this fall (with new fare boxes at the back door too) to speed up the boarding and decrease delays. It is also replacing the decades-old fare boxes with ones that process SmarTrip taps faster.

🎫 Bus Lane Ticketing

All D.C. buses will now be equipped with dash cameras to catch and fine drivers blocking bus lanes or stops. Metro says blocked bus lanes are slowing buses down to an average of 9.8 mph. This change should improve service.

⛔ New Metro Fare Gates

You’ve probably seen the 5-foot-tall, saloon door-style fare gates being put up in some Metro stations. Metro claims they have cut down fare evasion by more than 70%. They soon plan to soon have the beefed-up gates at all 98 stations.

Want more details? We covered these changes and more on our podcast. Check it out.

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