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Get to Know DC’s Smallest Parks

Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Posted on June 28
map of all the tiny parks

Use this map to find all the tiny parks! (Google Maps)

Is there anything cuter than a mini park? Some of these parks are tended by the city while others were created by residents. Thank you all for submitting your favorites. We compiled the most popular into a guide below!

1. Woodley Park Metro Garden:

This 50 sq/ft green space sits in the middle of Connecticut Avenue NW and was created by an anonymous neighborhood resident. It’s just enough room for a table, two chairs, and a few plants.

2. Biltmore Garden in Adams Morgan:

This teeny flower garden built in a traffic triangle is packed with blooms all summer-long, and is tended by a group of neighbors.

3. Sonny Bono Park in Dupont:

A resident paid to make this traffic triangle on New Hampshire Avenue NW into a park in memorandum on Sonny Bono’s death.

The magic tree box garden on R Street NW.

The magic tree box garden on R Street NW. (Kaela Cote-Stemmermann/City Cast DC)

4. The Magic Tree Box on R Street:

The smallest of all the parks, this 20 sq/ft garden is contained in a tree box on R Street NW. The homeowner created a little fairy circus world for all who pass by.

5. French Street Park in Shaw:

The largest of the parks on this list, this Shaw oasis has picnic tables and tulips in spring.

6. Columbia Heights Green:

This secret garden is tucked behind 11th Street NW and serves as a community garden and recreation space. It’s the perfect spot to get away with a book or go attend a gathering.

A few more honorable mentions go to Acorn Park in Silver Spring, Barbie Pond, and the Triangle Park in Kalorama.

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