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Test Your DC Wildlife Knowledge

Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Kaela Cote-Stemmermann
Posted on August 16
White Tail Deer in Oak Hill Cemetery.

White Tail Deer in Oak Hill Cemetery. (Nathan Arrington/Flickr)

Only true DMV naturalists will get 100% on this local wildlife quiz. How many can you get right? Answers at the end.

A. What is D.C.’s official bird?

Catbird / Wood Thrush / Peacock / We don’t have one

B. What creature can only be found in Rock Creek Park?

Chimney Swifts / Major Tuddy /  Hay's Spring Amphipod / Rock Creek Lark

C. How many species of mammals live in D.C.?

15 / 29 / 46 / 72

D. What infamous animal became a D.C. celebrity after he escaped from the zoo in 2013?

Bert the bear / Lizzy the iguana / Holly the peacock / Rusty the red panda

E. How rat-infested is D.C.?

2nd rattiest in the nation  / 4th rattiest in the nation / 10th rattiest in the world / We’re not ratty!

F. How many deer live in D.C. (per square mile)?

14 / 27 / 80 / 175


A: Wood Thrush. Commonly seen in D.C., the Wood Thrush became our official bird in 1967.

B: Hay's spring amphipod, and she’s endangered!

C: 29

D: Rusty the red panda, RIP.

E: DC's the 4th rattiest city in the U.S., but there’s stuff we can do to help.

F: A whopping 175, and it’s a problem.

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